Dolores Jarazo Alpern

Dolores Jarazo Alpern, Chief Operating Officer
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If multitasking is an art, then meet our Picasso.

If it's happening at Single Source, then Dolores is involved in one way or another. She has the incredible ability to change gears without the slightest hesitation. Dolores oversees the entire Single Source operations including Account Management, Creative Services, Media and Human Resources. In addition, she manages the agency's budget, cash flow and long-term planning. Dolores is truly the glue that holds everything together.

Dolores has been running Single Source for the past 15 years. In her previous life she has held positions at KISS 108 in Boston, Cox Radio in Miami and Christal Radio Research in New York. Dolores is a cum laude graduate of Syracuse University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Management.

Dolores resides in Beverly with her husband and son. On a nice day you will find her walking Boomer, her faithful Australian Shepherd.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. The love part: It is easy to connect, especially with younger generations. Social Media is so woven into their day-to-day habits that it is easy for them to communicate. The hate part: It is a time drain and dangerous for those who do not channel their inner filter. For me, a Happy Birthday post is nice, but a Birthday Card is great. Consider me old school.

When the Spring rolls around, my thoughts turn to March Madness and the craziness of college basketball. I admit it. I am a fanatic and love watching and yelling at the television. I have even managed to secure tickets to some regional sites and watch my beloved Syracuse Orangemen in action. Bring on the bracket-busters and the clear favorites and, of course, Allstate's Mayhem commercials.

It's the little things that make a difference. I share this often with my son. Call your grandparents, send a thank you note or just hold a door open. These are not grandiose gestures, but rather small acts of kindness that become the measure of the man (or the woman). I think of the little things my parents did for me, and our family, ever so selflessly. It was part of their DNA. I'd like to think it is a part of mine.