Suzanne Fleming

Suzanne Fleming, Traffic Manager
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The devil is in the detail.

With a passion for learning and experiencing all things creative, decades of experience as a print & digital production artist and an unrelenting need to organize and prioritize, it only made sense that Suzanne's next move would be into marketing as the Traffic Manager for Single Source.

At a summer job in Nantucket, Suzanne fell in love with graphic arts and her future husband. She studied journalism at Northeastern University and has worn many hats in the printing and publishing industry for over 20 years.

Suzanne and her family live in Wenham and you can typically find one or more of them on a high school sports field in the area.

I love learning from my teenagers. Some days it's as simple as translating lyrics for me to a popular song and other days it's as profound as hearing them relate a quote from Shakespeare to their own struggles and victories. They keep me feeling young and make me optimistic for the future.

Most vacations I spend catching up on house-related things. But, I prefer road trips. My husband and I have been travelling with the kids via car since they were born. We have been all over New England and New York in our Honda people-mover. Sprinkle in a few trips to Florida and Maryland and you can see why we consider our minivan as the sixth member of our family. With all of the crazy and funny stories we have, the Griswolds look boring.

Getting out with my dog Moby for a walk or run at the crack of dawn is my favorite way to start a day. My head is clearer and I feel prepared to deal with whatever life hands me.